Boxee new direction

Wal-Mart to Sell Boxee TVs Challenging Apple and Roku: Starting tomorrow, the world’s biggest retailer will exclusively sell the new $98 product, called Boxee TV, in more than 3,000 U.S. locations during the holiday season. Wal-Mart will set up displays and send out marketing materials for the device, a small black box with a remote […]

Supply vs value

Anu Kirk’s blog – Too Much Music: In economic terms, the supply of music is vastly increasing – a result of dramatic drops in the costs of creation and distribution combined with many more creators. Part of the value of music is as shared cultural reference. I am writing this in a coffee shop. A […] insta-turns a search into a playlist. Ultra low friction listening. Right now I’m working to a playlist of a search for “John Fahey”. I wonder if you could pull a Music Genome on YouTube content and write a playlist generator that was competitive with Pandora’s. It’s not impossible.


Koreans have a history of using television for radio. They turn on the TV to listen to music. Why K-Pop is taking over the world (NPR): In Korea pop music always comes with an image. … While our record labels were built on radio, their record labels were built on television. (This point /via Jonathan […]

Video is the new audio

Isn’t it strange that the best source for on-demand music on the open internet is YouTube, a video website? Maybe what’s happening is that music recordings without moving pictures are becoming obsolete. Attaching images to sound doesn’t degrade the sound. They are purely additive. Almost no matter what the images are, they can only be […]

With something like YouTube’s content ID program, licensing and takedown requests are sides of the same coin. Infringement is unmet demand. YouTube’s licensing program enables demand to be met.