Listening to Hollywood

The Internet Society goes to Hollywood:

As you are likely aware Internet Society North America Bureau Director Paul Brigner’s previous job was CTO to the MPAA. Since “switching sides” in March 2012 he has strongly pursued a program of increasing communication and engagement between the Internet community and big content, including recruiting the MPAA, the RIAA, and Disney as organizational members. This week he has led a foray by ISOC staff to visit major Hollywood studios – a listening tour. Accompanying him were Leslie Daigle (ISOC’s CTO), Markus Kummer (VP of Public Policy), and Konstantinos Komaitis (Policy Advisor). Today, September 27 2012, the group reported to the North America Chapter leaders via Google Hangout. Video is here.

Working remote

Some people can work remotely and some can’t. The difference is staying in sync.

Have an excellent internet connection. Have a working phone. Be on IM. Answer emails with low latency. Be on Skype. Have a working video camera for video calls.

Have a business-quality computer. An eccentric setup puts demands on your coworkers that create inefficiency – they aren’t going to use IRC in a console window just because you object to the Heminahaw License of the Foobar. Homebrewed linux setups are only ok if they have all the latest trimmings. Old Windows and OS X machines are never ok. Keep up with recent OSs and common tools.

When you have a question, ask it. When you have a casual stupid comment, make it. Call just as casually as you would say hello in person. Interact constantly.

Have a job-oriented working environment. Be at a desk. Be working during working hours. Get a coworking desk instead of going to a cafe.

If you don’t do all these things you aren’t ready to work remotely. Don’t kid yourself about your productivity. Stop working remote.