Working remote

Some people can work remotely and some can’t. The difference is staying in sync.

Have an excellent internet connection. Have a working phone. Be on IM. Answer emails with low latency. Be on Skype. Have a working video camera for video calls.

Have a business-quality computer. An eccentric setup puts demands on your coworkers that create inefficiency – they aren’t going to use IRC in a console window just because you object to the Heminahaw License of the Foobar. Homebrewed linux setups are only ok if they have all the latest trimmings. Old Windows and OS X machines are never ok. Keep up with recent OSs and common tools.

When you have a question, ask it. When you have a casual stupid comment, make it. Call just as casually as you would say hello in person. Interact constantly.

Have a job-oriented working environment. Be at a desk. Be working during working hours. Get a coworking desk instead of going to a cafe.

If you don’t do all these things you aren’t ready to work remotely. Don’t kid yourself about your productivity. Stop working remote.

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