“Baboons recorded making key sounds found in human speech”

Baboons recorded making key sounds found in human speech (From New Scientist, via This Week In Sound The team discovered that male and female baboons each produce four vowel-like sounds. Females produce one that males don’t, and vice versa, so in total there are five distinct vowels. They correspond to the second syllable in “roses”, […]

MLK day

As a White person, I can take responsibility for doing stuff about racism. I don’t have to slack. It’s Martin Luther King day today. Ordinarily it’s just another day off, like President’s Day or Columbus Day. Usually I work on meaningless holidays. This year I will observe the occasion. What I’ll do will be small […]


Is Humanism Really Human? How might a posthumanist approach to undoing interspecies hierarchies intervene with structures of violence among humans themselves? Trump’s election reflects and emboldens white supremacy and misogyny to a frightening degree. Could a posthumanist intervention risk moving focus away from a direct and much-needed struggle against these things, or could it help?

Octopus intelligence

Just how smart is an octopus? The cleft in the tree of life that separated the lineages that led to vertebrates and invertebrates happened 600 million years ago. One path, as Godfrey-Smith explains, led to progressively more complex intelligences, in the form of fish, reptiles, birds and mammals. The other path, while producing sophisticated means […]