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Moulted Accounts


There will be an abandoned account somewhere. It still exists but nobody is checking it.

It may be an abandoned blog with no new postings. A Facebook that nobody logs in to. A former frequent poster on Stack Overflow.

They’re often being overwhelmed by spam. Spam accumulating is like dating genes by comparing the number of genes with a known mutation rate.

At an extreme the poster has died.

They make me think of moulted cicada shells.

Dear Public Diary

A personal blog is a diary that anybody can read.

You might check in on your friends’ personal blogs, because their personal stories are interesting to you. But you wouldn’t read personal blogs by people you don’t know.

You don’t write secrets in it because it’s not private.

You don’t sweat the writing too much, because nobody is going to read but you and a few friends.

Kind-of Halfpipe

It was a super scary pit of doom up close. Graffiti, burning hot pavement, highest dropoff way beyond my ability. First time I turned around at the edge. 2nd time I got the courage up to jump off the edge a few inches up. Made it. Next time a little bolder – ride along a narrow edge, drop in with a jump. Turning back up the slope I realize I can do a footplant on the other side of the ditch and go down into the hole instead of up and out. That points me towards the other side, and when I get there it’s a wall begging for some kind of trick. Holy shit! It’s a half pipe!

Halfpipe built for uni
Halfpipe built for uni

On one side a drop in, other side a foot plant, other side (wall getting higher as I go down) a hand plant, turn around at the bottom with a 360 spin pushing off the far wall, back up the slope with the reverse series of tricks.

If this sounds braggy, I’m giving the wrong impression about my ability level. I can link up a series of tricks, but each one is small and tentative. The intention is recognizable, the execution is hit or miss.

I wonder if this sport will become common. Maybe in twenty years the concept of a uni half pipe with straight sides will be obvious. But for now I never ever see people doing this kind of stuff, so I get to discover the physics for myself.

Old Posts

I have imported 8 years worth of posts from, dating back to 2007.

I started blogging on this domain around 2003, using a minimalist scrap of perl by Rael Dornfest called bloxsom. If I could import those old posts I would.

I wonder when if ever this blog will get visitors again, aside from the writing I cross post to Facebook or Twitter. It’s like a dusty old shop that nobody ever comes into.

All the posts still exist in, even back to 2003! But I like having them on my own server, under one roof, in one continuous chain.

Stateless Societies

This morning I was thinking about statelessness, the end of countries as we think of them.

There are two sides of the coin:

1. Open borders. Let anybody in or out. No permanent citizenship.
2. Power flowing from money, which is mainly held by global-scale corporations and the ultra rich.

How would a state transition in this direction? What would the migration path be? Is there a reasonable path to get there?

I would not mind paying for a copy of an e-book or music recording on the Internet if I could do so anonymously, and it were ethical in other ways (no DRM or EULA). But that option almost never exists.


It is possible to sell online media with payment in cash by mail. Have the payment return a coupon good for some amount of purchasing.

But no need to work so hard at it. Amazon already sells pre-paid cards that you can use to download music and ebooks. You can pay in cash at Safeway.

Postscript: Stallman is against Amazon. And maybe he’s right.

Hot beer

Beer with fresh jalapeno and lime

I had low hopes about putting jalapeno in my beer along with lime, but it worked out really well. The beer absorbs the smoky flavor from the jalapeno, not the pure heat. I’m sure I’ll do it many times more.

This wouldn’t work with pickled jalapeno! The flavor that carries over is unique to the fresh pepper.