Blogs should have three parts

  1. A list of other blogs that a blogger might recommend by providing links to them (usually in a sidebar list), also known as a blogroll.

2. A writing and publishing system, like WordPress or Jekyll. The blogroll is in a sidebar on the home page and in all posts.

3. A personal aggregator and feed reader, like Google Reader. Uses the blogroll. Posts can be reblogged with commentary or replied to in a standalone post.

3 thoughts on “Blogs should have three parts

    1. You’re right that I’m using WordPress. I have started up some generator-based things but this one stuck because the install and administration is so low maintenance.

      It doesn’t have a reader or aggregator. The blogroll support is from a “Links” feature.

      How about you? On a quick look at the source of it appears to also be WP.

      1. I am using WordPress, and I also use it due to low maintenance, ubiquity. And I feel like the reading-writing loop could be tighter (it’s basically nonexistent in WordPress for me), so I keep looking for something to fill the reader/aggregator slot.

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