JPEGs vs album covers

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Are JPEGs the New Album Covers?

Black to Comm “Levitation/Astoria.” 7” Lathe-Cut Picture Disc, design by Marc Richter and Renate Nikolaus. Dekorder Records.

Over the past few months I’ve been researching a book about current record cover art. Besides hunting down examples of stimulating music graphics, I’ve also been looking for digital alternatives to the traditional album cover.

5 thoughts on “JPEGs vs album covers

  1. very interesting article.

    one idea I have, also a way to make money for musicians: put your songs freely on the web but create an booklet about the recording proces, all sorts of interesting information, special links etc. and sell the booklet. I still think people like to read and watch artwork. I might try it myself someday :)

  2. I like that idea a lot. At the least I think it’s a practical way to increase the price of a music file.

    I had a conversation with a major label guy about digital packaging. His first comment after he grokked the idea: how do you DRM the packaging? Feh!

  3. I promise to reuse “on the internet 1/2 means 1*2” as if it were my very own witticism. Nicely said, man.

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