I forgot to be an internet addict today. It’s 8:42 PM and I’m just getting around to checking Twitter, Bloglines, Gmail, and Memeorandum.

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  1. still on bloglines? I found the move to google reader seamless, painless and worth never looking back to bloglines… hmmm maybe you should try it again, the first revision wasn’t that hot, but today, oh boy today, I live and breathe in google reader.


  2. Yeah, it was that first rev that turned me off of it.

    But also, I’m not rushing to acquire another Google-oriented habit. This feeling is mainly because I work for Yahoo.

  3. Dude, you totally missed some seriously revolutionary memes. It was all happening and shit at 8:25p, but by 8:39p, everyone was like “yep” and went back to their comic books.

    Now there’s no way you’ll ever know what was really happening on the world live web, then. . .

  4. Lucas, good on you.

    I’ve actually been trying to consciously separate myself from the InterWebLive for at least 24 straight hours in any given week. I fail more times than not. Which is both I and my wife are finding to be a bit disturbing. It probably really is addiction.

  5. I often find that I’m paging through the web in a mindless way, not paying much more attention than I would with television. It’s calming.

    Also, I will get a feeling that I have to connect if I am offline for too long. This part is pure addiction.

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