gig followup

My show at Hyperion Lounge last night went well. It’s a nice little club — small, low-key, human. There wasn’t a huge crowd, but it was enough to be worth playing for. And they *got* the music. The reactions I got were friendly, and more importantly they were relevant. People talked about the importance to musicians of having public domain sources to draw on, and about how you can hear traces of the future in these lost old styles.

I made a lot of mistakes, even in songs that I have down cold, and I found that I didn’t have enough material, so there is work to do before the next one, but overall it was just right.

One thought on “gig followup

  1. That’s cool that you performed your work live, and that people got it. Needing to have more material is one of those good problems to have, as opposed to everyone being bored solid before you got your second song done.

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