please don’t use spamarrest

To my friends and acquaintances who use SpamArrest:

It’s rude.  Your use of this software forces me to sign up for a Ponzi scheme in order to be able to reach you.  Most of us use anti-spam software which isn’t so intrusive.

It also doesn’t work.  I have been required to verify my identity there many times now, even though it’s only supposed to happen once.  And it isn’t secure, since forging return addresses is trivial.

(What is SpamArrest?  It forces everyone who sends the recipient mail to go to the SpamArrest site to fill out a capcha).

2 thoughts on “please don’t use spamarrest

  1. I have been a loyal “paying” member of Spamarrest for a while and the last few months their service has gone down in reliability. They have lost emails and the service has gone down.
    Today I canceled my recently renewed account with them and asked for a refund of the unused portion of my service. Here is their reply!

    “Hi David,

    Thanks once again.

    David, I am very sorry to tell you that we are not able to offer you a refund for your account. You may continue to use your Spam Arrest account till 2008-10-01 by reactivating the account.

    I truly apologize for your inconvenience, David. Please do let me know if you need anything else.

    Best Regards,
    Technical Support Specialist
    Spam Arrest”

  2. But here’s my question, David — why put the burden of your spam control on people who need to send you an email? You’re complaining about spamarrest’s quality control, but that’s not the problem I wrote about. What I said was that the people who *use* spamarrest are being rude.

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