giant wood heart Thursday

Hey LA people — I’ll probably go over to this bizarro show at the Machine Project HQ tomorrow night:

Etiology of Innocence lecture

8pm, Thursday August 16, 2007

Artist Bernie Lubell makes giant mechanical installations out of wood which are both crazy neat and neatly crazy. He’ll be passing through Los Angeles in August and has graciously agreed to come discuss his room-sized interactive heart simulation, “Etiology of Innocence” on Thursday, August 16th.

Mr Lubell’s interactive installations have evolved from his studies in both psychology and engineering, and include a stone age digital computer, a rainstorm of chaos and nostalgia, a phone booth-confessional network, a mechanism to investigate Intimacy and room sized simulations of the brain and breathing.

1200 D North Alvarado Street
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Give me a shout if you want to arrange to meet up.

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