Pasadena gig

Tequila Mockingbird and Lucas Gonze playing at the Pasadena Armory for the 1-Second Film Cabaret

Pasadena Doo Dah Queen Tequila Mockingbird and I played at the Pasadena Armory a couple weeks ago at a cabaret event for the 1-Second Film project.

A funny thing about the Tequila gig is that it’s jazz standards, none of which are public domain. Jazz repertoire is built on a closed set of about 200 songs which are heavily locked down. I have a real problem with this, even though they’re great songs which I love playing, but there doesn’t seem to be any way out short of refusing to play the compositions which are synonymous with the genre.

My philosophical absolutism leads to ridiculous positions sometimes.

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4 thoughts on “Pasadena gig

  1. The Real Book has Real boundaries, hasn’t it? Can philosophy have absolutes, or is it at that point a science? Lastly, what was going on with the potholder crafting? Looks like a fun event/ project.

  2. This was a lot of fun. The event had a merry pranksters feel. Potholder crafting was completely silly. I sat next to a dignified older gentleman who was also doing one, and making it is about stretching out sock rags onto an elementary school -style frame.

    The Real Book is an incredibly interesting object. For example, many jazz musicians are slavering maniacs about copyright because they are desperately reliant on the old school biz for gigs, and at the same time every damn one of them has a Real Book, which couldn’t exist within the sort of copyright regime they’d advocate.

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