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Two posts by Paul Lamere –

  1. Toby Padilla is leaving the Musicmobs project for Musicmobs was clearly ahead of the curve – pioneering many aspects that are now seen as requirements in the ‘Music 2.0’ space. Social playlisting, recommendation, open web services, implicit gathering of taste data, – the ‘hipster <-> mainstream slider’, excellent design, cool name: Musicmobs has it all.
  2. A parting gift from Musicmobs:

    As Toby shuts down Musicmobs, he has left us with a gift – an archive of all of the playlists that Musicmobs has collected over the years. It is a nice set of data for anyone looking to do research around artist or track co-occurrence in playlists. Some stats about the data:

    Playlists 1,899
    Tracks 429,873
    Unique Tracks 111,604
    Artists 23,463
    Users 577
    Tags 9,268

    This is really good data! Thanks Toby.

Amen. Thanks for posting it, kudos for doing such interesting work, and good luck at the last FM station, Toby.

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