Deerhoof ‘offend maggie’

Over on CASH Music, Deerhoof released a new song as sheet music, and did it under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike-NonCommercial license. Their version is a nice hand made piece of writing with a good vibe, but it’s easier to work with this stuff if it’s digitized so I retranscribed their source into Sibelious. Given that I was able to auto-create a MIDI file for the whole thing, an MP3 file for the whole thing, and parts for each instrument, including guitar tablature, sheet music, and a MIDI file for each instrument so that you can feed them all into a sequencer and tweak each one individually.

There is no Deerhoof recording of this song yet, just a how-to in the form of sheet music. I am in awe that the band *led* with the interactive element in this release.

The MIDI file can lead straight to remixes. And the MP3 I produced from it can give people an idea of what this song sounds like, which most people won’t get until recordings come out.

The goods are all over in the dedicated page for this on my music site.

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