Indies were warm in the first place

Some indies are selling more records than ever while the majors limp along:

Major labels struggle to keep platinum sellers (acts that sell a million units) from backsliding to gold (500,000 units) or worse. But some smaller labels—among them Sub Pop, Merge, and Matador—have hit a pocket of relative prosperity, with many of their top stars selling more records than ever.

A comment there by Eric Phillipson:

Having worked with both the majors and independent labels, I have seen first hand the reason why Independent labels are thriving at a time like this. Independent artists generally are able to connect with their fans more easily creating a more label fan base.

It’s like the transition from silent films to talkies, where many actors who rose because of their looks turned out to lack a good speaking voice.

Musicians in the indie circuit have always had a warmer and more intimate style than musicians on the majors, and on the internet that’s what’s called for.

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