song pages at bandcamp

The song pages at Bandcamp are very good. For an example, see the page for the song “Mercury Vapor.”

They give the song a full page worth of real estate, which lets them elevate the song title to the page title and give the album art enough emphasis; that’s a great use of plain old semantic HTML for media metadata. The song title is also in the URL, which is good for search engine rankings; the pages have excellent search engine optimization overall, which allows musicians to capture search results for their own works. There are lyrics and a commentary by the musicians. You can download or stream the song. There is a link to the album containing the song and links to other songs on the same album.

And notice that the page isn’t empty. Giving the track a page of its own doesn’t waste space. The opposite — it lets the track have enough space for once.

2 thoughts on “song pages at bandcamp

  1. Very nice. I like the bandcamp site overall, though the user experience of adding tracks is, as usual, kinda awful.

    Uploading is slow for regular ol’ broadband users with our crappy upstream, so doing individual WAVs is torture.

  2. Thinking of uploading, the ideal would be to just give all of these sites the URL of a song you’ve already uploaded somewhere else. That way you only have to upload once.

    WAVs… Ugh. You want to kill yourself.

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