LA talk 11/11

I’ll do a short presentation at the Creative Commons LA salon on November 11. More about the event:

on the CC blog;
on the CC wiki;
on Upcoming;
on Facebook.

I’m going to extend my comments on music biz / internet economics, e.g. on RCRD LBL, on the Myspace music / Amazon deal, on ad-supported music as a whole.

I don’t get a huge amount of time but I think I can pull off a good conversation starter. I hope that people will take my comments as a cue to engage with the large-scale fiscal realities and possibilities of internet music. I want people on both the internet and music biz side to put their arguments on the table. I want less bloviating and hating, and more constructive engagement.

I’ll probably play a bit of music as part of the talk.

3 thoughts on “LA talk 11/11

  1. it’s great to get to talk about this stuff in person — the bandwidth is so much better than online. Sorry to miss the opportunity to go deeper.

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