mini-talk at CC Salon tonight

I’ll do a shorty talk at the Creative Commons salon in Silverlake, in LA, tonight. My topic is going to be the role of permissive licensing in the business of internet music. I’ll lay out a map of the industry as a whole and situate copyleft within it.

Flavorpill describes the event this way:

Creative Commons is at the forefront of the progressive copyright movement, seeking arrangements that allow the free flow of artistry and ideas while at the same time protecting intellectual rights and freedoms. A group taking the middle road, its efforts have been invaluable in the face of technology’s rush into the future. At tonight’s salon, Mark “Frosty” McNeil — founder of noted DJ and multimedia collective Dublab — and XSPF developer Lucas Gonze tackle the ramifications and opportunities that could result from current and proposed copyright policies and discuss their larger effect on the music industry.

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LA talk 11/11

I’ll do a short presentation at the Creative Commons LA salon on November 11. More about the event:

on the CC blog;
on the CC wiki;
on Upcoming;
on Facebook.

I’m going to extend my comments on music biz / internet economics, e.g. on RCRD LBL, on the Myspace music / Amazon deal, on ad-supported music as a whole.

I don’t get a huge amount of time but I think I can pull off a good conversation starter. I hope that people will take my comments as a cue to engage with the large-scale fiscal realities and possibilities of internet music. I want people on both the internet and music biz side to put their arguments on the table. I want less bloviating and hating, and more constructive engagement.

I’ll probably play a bit of music as part of the talk.

kid gig 12/8

I’m playing at the Ocean Charter School Winter Faire tomorrow afternoon. The one time before that I played for kids was great at its best. The teens were too uptight and not a lot of fun, but the younger kids got up and moshed and were generally a stellar audience.

Location: 12606 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90066. The nearest major cross street is Centinela. Time: 1-1:30.

It’s good to play outside of bars. My music developed in the context of my blog, and the vibe of my blog matches up better with galleries and schools than bars and parties.

a couple gigs

Last night I played a set of my public domain Americana at Sponto Gallery in Venice Beach, on  a little side street off the main drag.  The room is small but it was full, and the audience reaction was overwhelming.  I made $14 in tips, of which I spent $2 on a tip for the act after me and $3 on a peach Snapple and a banana.

Tonight  I’ll be backing up Tequila at Hyperion Tavern in Silverlake.