ragging on chrome #2

Commenters on the Google blog entry about Chrome:

Commenter #1:

Isn’t Google Chrome just using the same rendering engine (Webkit) as Safari so you don’t have to test a site with Chrome if it works with Safari

Commenter #2:

the answer to your question is “no”. Web browsers are more than just a rendering engine. Chrome, for example, has an entirely different JavaScript engine than Safari so if you employ any JS at all in your site, you can’t rely on it working across browsers. They also use an entirely different graphics sub-system. I’m sure there are other large components that are different too.

Even if they all used the same JS engine, Graphics sub-systems, layout modules, parsers, storage systems, networking libraries, etc, you’d still have the problem that they’re not all using the same versions of those components.

Webkit is just a small piece of those browsers. It’s an important piece, but it’s not the whole story so, no, one Webkit-based browser is not the same as another Webkit-based browser.

And how is it good for the world for web sites like Google to own the browser? Won’t they use browser dominance to disadvantage web competitors like Yahoo?

One thought on “ragging on chrome #2

  1. Wouldn’t it be great for the world if google created instead an open source browser and then used its marketing muscle to promote it? Then the mozilla v. chrome battle could result in both browsers having light speed improvement.

    I have nothing against Chrome and nothing against Google. Yet google has to know that the reason I come to google is for cool stuff, not for them to corner a product market.

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