Apple vs the clipboard? huh?

What’s the deal with Apple and copy/paste? It’s like they just don’t dig it. How come you can’t copy text to the clipboard in the iTunes client software?

The fact that you can’t copy/paste out of the iTunes client software on normal OS X, even though there’s support for it in the OS, makes me think that the lack of copy/paste on the iPhone is deliberate.

Maybe it’s control freakery for its own sake, or for the sake of copyright. Or maybe it’s that the operating system developers at Apple have found that the clipboard is permanent nightmare to support. Or maybe there’s some obscure usability study showing that users don’t understand the clipboard and Apple thinks apps should stop using copy/paste for interchanging data.

The whole thing is weird.

3 thoughts on “Apple vs the clipboard? huh?

  1. You know what it is? Anything non-editable, like the iTunes web bits.

    You *can* copy and paste within edit fields for local functionality, like playlist titles and file metadata.

    You can’t for any content page on the store, even though they look and act like HTML.

    How do you even get a link for most of them? How come Apple is so control freak?

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