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  1. Hello Lucas:

    We are interested in bringing you up to Montreal to speak on DarkNet in a class I teach @ McGill University.

    Best date for us would be March 10th.

    University would cover expenses of course.

    Can/would you do it?

    Sorry to contact you via this route but all my earlier attempts have been returned as undeliverable!

    Please reply to me @ my email address w/best email & phone info for you–> Sandy Pearlman.

  2. (What I told him was: under very few circumstances would I consider said junket. Not the unmarked bills (_Canadian_ dollars thankyouverymuch) nor the freeflowing dope nor the quasi-legal sexpots in the limo will sway my decision unless they are in sufficient quantity to merit abandoning the steadfast principles which are the bedrock of my career).

  3. What’s the current equivalent to PlayThisPage? In other words, if I landed on the SirShambling page directly, how can I dynamically invoke the YMP experience you created for this entry?

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