great music web dev

The web page at is a really well done piece of web packaging for music. The page layout is flowing and open, the text gives context and romance to the music, the player is seamlessly integrated with the page, and the graphic shows the expressive part of the music without overwhelming the functional requirements of the page as a web app.

The one flaw I notice is that there are no direct links to individual songs. You can stream them, and you can download a zip file with all of them, but you can’t download one at a time or deep link to them.

3 thoughts on “great music web dev

  1. Point well made, and taken. MP3 links now appear next to track titles. Maybe not the ideal place, but it seemed the best way to keep things simple…

  2. Good on ya for fixing that, Jesse! A page that nice without actual mp3 links would be a little bit like having a beautiful vinyl sleeve without the LP…

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