lessons from the newspaper business

Quotes from a really excellent story about the state of the newspaper business.

The calamities generating headlines are about debt — not operations.

In related news, EMI has done a good job of growing revenues, but their owners at Terra Firma have had to write off half of the huge investment they made in the company. It’s a corporate organizational issue, not a product failure.

down-market popular newspapers that have a low reliance on advertising (25-35 percent) and a low investment in editorial quality are better weathering the economic storm.

That is, not all music products are down. Bars can still grow their nightly revenues by having the right bands.

Focus mental bandwidth behind digital business models — not evolving suddenly into something that is not in the DNA of your company or national market.

Let record companies be record companies.

what’s needed is a migration away from selling print ads to the real estate sector toward evolving the newspaper into the role of marketing services agency to the real estate sector.

Don’t sell ads, be a marketing services agency.

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