Tapes is a personal-scale act of creative web music technology by Jim Nachlin:

Wherein I share with you some of my prized collection of audio cassettes. I’ve saved many of these cassettes, hoping to someday do something with them. Most haven’t been played in almost ten years. The “something” that I am now doing with them is inflicting them on you, my friends who might happen to look at this web site. I hope that you enjoy them. I hope that you put them on your iPod and listen to them at the gym.

One reason you might check this is out is that it’s creative. Another is that Jim’s a good writer:

303 tape cover

This tape was made for me in March of 1993 by my friend Carlos, who used to DJ at the Limelight under the name DJ Tera or DJ Teras. … It’s easy to make fun of it. It’s full of outer space noises, or places where the drum machines drop out and a man says, “It’s getting strange. I can feel it … all around us now”, which one is supposed to take as a drug reference. … But techno is cool. It’s music that sounds like it was made by a lonely dude at a basement, but it’s listened to at parties.

2 thoughts on “tapes

  1. Lucas- what a cool idea the tapes thing is! I used to go to the Limelight in Atlanta when I lived there- but I am assuming you mean the one in LA?
    In any case, the cassette tapes made and kept are part of an audio history and they become interesting in that context. One day they will sound as odd as early Edison wax cylinders no doubt!

  2. Sorry I took so unreasonably long to get this comment through the spam filter. I am traveling and lost track.

    The Limelight here would be in New York City in the early 90s.

    These tapes sound incredibly dated already! :)

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