Steve Gravell blows top on one-stop-shop music sites | Blog – I do not need a single destination for my music consumption needs.:

Once a site pushes to become the be all and end all of destinations for music related content consumption and makes that point obvious to me, I’m trusting their site less and less and less and less and less. Even if they’re an aggregator. I don’t go to, I get linked there because they generally post music news that’s the most important. How do I get there? From being linked on How did I get to there? I follow @gigulate on It’s not one service. It’s a natural progression of channels and my interest.

Right on, brother.

When it comes to music and the internet, people lose their heads and go back to Compuserve-generation thinking.

If some one source of music, like Rhapsody or the iTunes Music Store, is in a situation where they realistically need to provide every bit of music the user might ask for, that’s Compuserve. If you can get one song here and another there, then put them together in a single playlist, that’s the internet.

3 thoughts on “Steve Gravell blows top on one-stop-shop music sites

  1. and in this same vein, the future of music distribution will not be the wonder of a huge hosting-and-advertising corporation, but in a catalog-and-link service which offers legal downloads with a simple payment system. Everyone focuses on “getting eyes for ads”, but nobody realizes that our eyes like places best which let our eyes easily rove the most.

  2. Lucas — Steve’s last name is Gravell, “mokele” is just his handle (not moleke.)

    And yes he is awesome, so all subscribe to his blog :P

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