PaySwarm w/ Playdar

The Streaming Content Payment use case for PaySwarm encompasses the same multi-vendor music provider environment as Playdar:

Tellulah is a DJ and would like to setup a non-profit Internet radio station to stream Weekly Top 40 songs along with a mix of independent music. She would like to cover her expenses as well as the standard per-song ephemeral broadcasting fee set by the US Copyright Arbitration Panel to ensure she is legally compliant at all times. Registering and tracking royalties can be a very daunting and time consuming process. A mechanism that reduces the burden of legal compliance could drive more stations to come online.

Online radio broadcasters are also presently limited in their ability to grow their stations due to the ephemeral broadcasting royalties that must be paid on a per person/per song basis. Running these stations make it difficult to collect, track and distribute royalties in a way that makes it easy to integrate into the web browser. Often, donating or signing up to a single download provider can be more trouble than it is worth. If there was a universal mechanism to pay very small amounts for data streams on the Web, new legal avenues for distributing content legally would be enabled.

4.1 Requirements

Payment must be able to be associated with a section of a stream of data. Payment should be allowed to be associated with a particular number of bytes or temporal time frame.

Small fractions of whole currency amounts should be allowed in order to ensure accurate metering and payment recouping for content streams.

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