war on iPr0n

victor on Apple’s war on porn on the iPhone:

I’ve been thinking about how the iPhone is one of the few (only?) media technology deliver systems that did NOT use porn as a catalyst. Porn is tasteless, style-less, demeaning (basically the Church of Apple anti-christ) – but porn is a serious technology innovator. I know I’m missing a bunch of cases but virtual shopping carts/payment systems, video streaming, security, scaling all owe a debt to porn. I guess the Apple brand and the fact that we all, er, need a phone, allowed them to skip over the steep adoption curve that porn enabled in everything from photography, movies, VCRs, cable to the Internet itself but they could end up really, really sorry by voluntarily denying themselves the technology innovations porn could have brought to them.

By the way, those apps they removed from store – porn? really? calling that porn… now THAT’s motherfuckin offensive.

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