jQuery player

jPlayer is a jQuery plugin that allows you to:

  • play and control audio files in your webpage
  • create and style an audio player using just HTML and CSS
  • add sound effects to your jQuery projects
  • stream faster using HTML5 and alternative ogg format support

All of this with HTML5 <audio> support for compliant browsers that allow mp3 or ogg format, while supporting other browsers using mp3 format with no visible Flash.

4 thoughts on “jQuery player

  1. whoa!

    Though, I think that a real DAW may be less feasible than a neo-DAW which does things like beat matching and voiceovers.

  2. well, yea, no one is saying avid is in danger (or, no one who isn’t being simply provocative) but there’s an avalanche coming.

    search googs for ‘daw iphone’ >500,000 hits

    and in 5 months, I’m sure even more for ipad


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