favorites from Music Hack Day

Cool hacks from Music Hack Day San Francisco, this past weekend:

Map a score onto an MP3. Meaning that you can label the musical semantics in a sound recording – not a trivial accomplishment. Like closed captioning for notes.

Fakebook Browser:

View pages out of a PDF scan of a Fakebook. The idea is you can do a quick song search with your phone/laptop/whatever when you need the chart for a gig. Possible extras include annotations/bookmarks, and ideally music extraction/transposition.

sibxml — transparent Sibelius export:

If you want to get your score files out of the Sibelius data jail, and you don’t like the MusicXML data model (or want to pay $200 for the Recordare Dolet plug-in) seriously enough to do some programming, you don’t have to struggle with programming a Sibelius plug-in in the deplorable ManuScript language. The sibxml package allows you to quickly dump everything from a Sibelius score in XML, and provides a set of easy-to-subclass Python classes to let you do whatever you want with it. Runs in Python 2.x (x >= 5), supports output from Sibelius 4, 5, 6, and 6.1. DTDs are available, W3C Schema in the works.

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