You may know this already, but Beats is basically the music recording industry moving into the music hardware business. It’s a similar strategy to 360 deals: abandon ship. Key people at Universal Music Group saw that the money was in iPods, not MP3 files.

The label people see the same writing on the wall as everybody else.

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    1. Victor, I appreciate that not every industry lasts forever, but the recording industry appears to be outlasting its digital replacement. One internet company after another rises and falls while the recording companies shrink modestly. The strategic position of the recording companies is very strong.

  1. Mike, I have no idea what that thing is that Beats is trying to sell on the HTC platform. Can it really be just an EQ setting? How stupid *are* the customers, anyway?

    But anyway, the headphones and a rebranded MOG are real actual products.

  2. Yes, pretty it’s pretty much some EQ settings that are tuned to the beats earbuds. Check out the link. There’s some pretty detailed analysis.

    The headphones are along the same lines. If have to admit, they do look pretty cool, but they’re essentially just generic low end head phones branded by beats.

    The whole thing pissses me off because the Android ecosystem really does *need* a company like Beats properly implemented because Google seems incapable of doing it themselves. Basic sound functionality is seriously lacking on the platform. The latency is still so bad you can’t do true gapless playback right.

    It’s just such shame that HTC/Beats decided it would be easier to just come up with a marketing ploy vs deliver real value to the consumer. I guess Mog is a good addition, but it still doesn’t address fundamental issues about playback.

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