Which is better, push or pull?

Jay Frank:

I’ve heard numerous complaints from women that they dislike music thru subscription services because it’s too much work to hear their favorites over and over. … The overwhelming variety of musical choices is desired more by males than females. On average, women have 25% less music in their collection than males. At the same time, they remember 28% more lyrics by heart than men. Internet radio is generally proud of the fact that they have more variety and don’t repeat songs every hour. The numbers seem to show that this may be a liability to a strong segment of listeners.

My wife uses a mix of push with pull. She’ll search for a specific artist or song, then play radio based on that. She splits her searches about 50/50 between artists and tracks, and never looks for specific albums.

Radio needs the internet to surface the hits. The internet needs radio to establish hits that bring traffic. Maybe it turns out that what we needed all along wasn’t a war between two mediums, but a solid peace treaty

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