Mark Boas on hyperaudio:

Hyperaudio is a series of technologies built upon the foundations of HTML5 audio which aim to make audio a first class citizen of the web. In particular, but not exclusively, we are concerned with the spoken word.

What Hyperaudio hopes to achieve:

  1. make audio searchable
  2. make audio linkable
  3. make audio navigable
  4. dynamically generate audio
  5. convert speech to text
  6. represent audio visually

When we represent spoken audio as text we immediately start to open up the content. People can see at a glance what that content is. Transcripts then, underpin much of the work undertaken under the Hyperaudio umbrella so far. As soon as we convert speech to text we are immediately able to scan, search and link to that content. Add timings and we can use that transcript as a form of navigation. We can call these hyperlinked transcripts hyper-transcripts.

My Music Hack Day version of hyperaudio – hypermusic – is at http://gonze.com/blog/2012/02/16/proof-of-concept-for-hyperaudio-notation/.

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