Life Aquatic playlist in progress

I want to embed a playlist of the complete soundtrack of The Life Aquatic. But I want to do it on the open web, where anybody can listen. To do that I just need a list of URLs that the Yahoo Web Player can digest, including MP3s and YouTube. The player will knit them together (as long as you’re reading this post right on my web site, on, in a browser, in 2012).

Rdio has a track list. And here’s the playable media, with play buttons if you’re on my site:

  1. Shark Attack Theme – Sven Libaek
  2. Loquasto International Film Festival (Score) – Mark Mothersbaugh
  3. Life on Mars – David Bowie
  4. Starman – Seu Jorge covering Bowie
  5. Let Me Tell You About My Boat – Mark Mothersbaugh
  6. Rebel Rebel – Seu Jorge
  7. Zissou Society Blue Star Cadets/Ned’s Theme Take 1 – Mark Mothersbaugh
  8. Gut Feeling – Devo
  9. Open Sea Theme – Sven Libaek
  10. Rock N’ Roll Suicide – Seu Jorge
  11. Here’s To You – Joan Baez
  12. (below is TBD, just text and no media link yet)
  13. We Call Them Pirates Out Here – Mark Mothersbaugh
  14. Search And Destory – Iggy & The Stooges
  15. La Nina De Puerta Oscura – Paco de Lucia
  16. Life On Mars? (Album Version) – Seu Jorge
  17. Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op – Mark Mothersbaugh
  18. Five Years – Seu Jorge
  19. 30 Century Man – Scott Walker
  20. The Way I Feel Inside – The Zombies
  21. Queen Bitch – David Bowie

That’s all I have for now. It’s kind of a scavenger hunt to dig up the rest of these. I’ll keep updating this as I get time for the scavenger hunt. If you come across any missing tracks, post a link in the comments.

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