futurism of music

Looking back at our time 200 years from now, they won’t think how primitive the guitars were, they’ll think how primitive the guitarists were. The players will all be monsters who routinely do what only our virtuosos can.

Not that virtuosity is worth all that much. Just that it’s a practical problem.

3 thoughts on “futurism of music

    1. :)

      He was amazing.

      I think that the quality of our attention has changed, and this might have had an impact on musicians. People used to give art their undivided attention. Fewer cuts, longer ideas, greater mental focus.

  1. As the boundaries continue to blur between music, art, video, dance, writing and all other forms of creative expression – music becomes the underlying foundation from which we think – communicate – and make love.

    It’s just as wrong to be a musician as an artist. These are old fashioned terms based upon old technology. We can now make music with our paintbrushes and paint with our violins. – Marc Canter 1978

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