Copyheart: ♡

♡ Copying art is an act of love.

People copy stuff they like. They don’t copy stuff they don’t like. The more a work is copied, the more valuable it becomes. Value isn’t taken away by fans, it is added by them, every time they copy.

Although we appreciate and use Free Licenses when appropriate, these aren’t solving the problems of copyright restrictions. Instead of trying to educate everyone on the complexities of copyright law, we’d rather make our intentions clear with this simple statement:

♡ Copying is an act of love. Please copy.

Copyheart doesn’t make any promises, but then again Creative Commons Non-Commercial licenses don’t either.

One of the leading Usenet indexing services has shut down voluntarily. The website’s owners explain that it has become increasingly difficult to operate in a business where copyright holders vigorously protect their content.“.

While a takedown notice doesn’t have to mean the end of a website, NZBMatrix appears to have trouble automating the process. And with the increasing rate at which the notices come in, NZBMatrix can’t keep up anymore.

“As everyone is aware we are DMCA/Takedown notice compliant, and always have been. Once this notice is completed we are left with an impossible task of policing our indexing bots. Even then it won’t stop there, there will be follow-up notices etc,” they explain.

NZBMatrix adds that the more copyrighted material is removed, the less content is available to index properly, rendering a service such as NZBMatrix useless.

Shutting down a system because it is useless without infringing content shows that copyright holders have been empowered to take care of their business. That’s a civil society in good working order, with private parties pursuing happiness for themselves.

On the other hand, this company should have had access to affordable technology to automate the process. There’s no reason for a technology problem to be a company killer.

Last man standing

Ants, alligators and sharks are likely to be on earth after the humans are gone. Likewise, YouTube is likely to be there long after Spotify, Rhapsody, MOG, Rdio, Deezer, etc.

Only YouTube has established a scalable and profitable line of business.

(I think iTMS and Amazon download sales are likely to continue but become vestigial businesses that don’t matter to anybody).