Lefsetz is wrong about the music business all the time. Often. Frequently. Usually.

All those things he says about what musicians need to do are more or less made up. What’s true is that he applies them to his writing.

Like here:

What you’ve got to understand is Amanda Palmer is a special person. And if you think doing it her way is going to work for you, you’re sorely deluded. The only thing that’s gonna work for you is YOU! Your personality! Your uniqueness! Your honesty!

That’s what art is. Not a cash cow, but a missive from deep inside one human being to another.

Well, yes, true for musicians. But then again, total nonsense. At this very moment plenty of musicians are profiting by copying Amanda Palmer lick for lick. And that’s fine because playing is great and you do what you have to do. Musicians can choose any rules they want as long as the art is decent.

What’s not bullshit is how this advice applies to Lefsetz’s own creative work. His heart is directly wired to his writing. He’s a real actual Writer.

Don’t think of him as a pundit. Think of him as a creator.

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