This document is a starting point for talking about how blogs can be more like social networking.

This is about blogs or things reasonable close to them, not novel new types of interaction. The intent is to make smallish changes to an existing ecosystem of tools and users.

The use case to enhance is intimate relationships rather than public ones. Writers should know their readers, or get to know them, and vice versa.

Readers should be able to meet one another. There should be introductions. There should be transitive relationships.

There should be friend lists. It should be possible for a reader to look at the writer’s relationships.

Participants (reader+writers who own a blog) shouldn’t have to add plugins to have a complete set of social features.

Reading and writing should be integrated. For every blog, a blog reader.

Readers must be able to follow multiple blogs without going to each one to see whether there are updates.

This is a departure from the convention of clicking on a link and being taken to its destination, familiar to us from years of using web pages. In a third party card, the content is embedded in the card itself so that it can be experienced wherever a user might encounter that card.

RSS is a technology. Non-technical readers must not be required to know what it is, or even that it exits.

Any reader/writer must be able to install a compatible app on the host of their choice.

Any coder must be able to write a fully compatible and interoperable implementation.

Any host must be able to run the app.

The ideas must be compatible with GPL implementations. Free software must not be excluded or limited.

What do you think?


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