Kind-of Halfpipe

It was a super scary pit of doom up close. Graffiti, burning hot pavement, highest dropoff way beyond my ability. First time I turned around at the edge. 2nd time I got the courage up to jump off the edge a few inches up. Made it. Next time a little bolder – ride along a narrow edge, drop in with a jump. Turning back up the slope I realize I can do a footplant on the other side of the ditch and go down into the hole instead of up and out. That points me towards the other side, and when I get there it’s a wall begging for some kind of trick. Holy shit! It’s a half pipe!

Halfpipe built for uni
Halfpipe built for uni

On one side a drop in, other side a foot plant, other side (wall getting higher as I go down) a hand plant, turn around at the bottom with a 360 spin pushing off the far wall, back up the slope with the reverse series of tricks.

If this sounds braggy, I’m giving the wrong impression about my ability level. I can link up a series of tricks, but each one is small and tentative. The intention is recognizable, the execution is hit or miss.

I wonder if this sport will become common. Maybe in twenty years the concept of a uni half pipe with straight sides will be obvious. But for now I never ever see people doing this kind of stuff, so I get to discover the physics for myself.

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