“Let’s just outlaw guns”

Scripting News says:

This came up in a thread on Facebook, once again being told that if you don’t own guns and study the hell out of them, you can’t have an opinion about which guns should be legal or not legal. If it’s hard to define what is and isn’t a good gun, just outlaw all of them. We’ve put up with this superior attitude from these murderer-lovers too long. Make them try to explain what they should be allowed to own. There’s nothing sacred about the 2nd Amendment. It’s an amendment — that means we could do another amendment to undo it. People who love guns and think it’s a sacred right, should think again. It’s not.

Maybe gun control is the reason guns are out of control.

In particular, the gun control meme. This way of framing things is wishy washy. It loses right out of the gate. The gun control meme is for wonks.

Let’s start over.

Ban guns.

Don’t get dragged into pointless detail. Guns are bad. Anybody can tell. Everybody knows it. Just ban them.

(Also: “murderer-lovers” is a brutal piece of framing).