Nutrient Rich Slurry News

I have been living on Soylent for the past couple weeks. This is to diet.

My thinking is that this makes it practical for me to count and ultimately limit calories, since the calories in Soylent are measured in advance. One cup is 500 calories. If I eat four meals, I get exactly 2000 calories.

As it turns out, that has produced a 6.5 lb weight drop.

I push the calories up a bit because I like to make smoothies or even soupies:

  • With banana and cinnamon, like a muffin, to go with coffee
  • With cucumber, carrot, and flax, like a salad, for lunch time
  • With salt, pepper, chicken stock, and steamed broccoli, like a soup, for dinner.

For the sake for variety, I am starting to explore the smaller brands. I just ordered 100%FOOD.

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