Drone home security camera

A blue sky product idea –

A home security camera mounted on one or more autonomous aerial vehicles (“drones”). The drones are activated by motion sensors. The drone returns to its base station to charge and wait after a sentry pass. It does not follow potential intruders indefinitely.


  1. Intimidation: It would be scary. And it would create the feeling that a home was actively occupied.
  2. Cost: A single dronecam can cover a whole home, though there might need to be more than one motion sensor to activate it. No need for more than one camera.
  3. Coverage: unlike a fixed camera, a drone can photograph the same person from multiple angles, making it harder for an intruder to conceal their face and features.

Drones can swarm. More than one drone could be used. This would allow them to photograph multiple angles at once, preventing an intruder from selectively concealing their face or body. It also increases intimidation.

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