Kondoizing News Rage

Luis Villa has made changes to his social media patterns to adapt to the current madness:

I’m a political junkie, perhaps in some ways more now than ever. And yet, I’m posting very little about the 2020 election on Twitter. An old friend with similar political compulsions asked how I’m doing it. The answer is ironically too long for Twitter, so here goes.

Surviving 2020 on Twitter

I won’t quote all of the good stuff here. Go there.

For myself I have created a pseudonymous account on Twitter and moved all my political follows to it. When I want politics I switch.

This lets me compartmentalize. I can turn politics mode on or off.

Since I’m not reading politics in my main feed I’m also not writing about them there. This also lets me protect personal and business connections who don’t want my political tweets.

Via Luis I discovered a tool Marie Kondo your follows – Tokimeki Unfollow. And like him I have mainly unsubscribed from people I don’t know personally.

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