C19 Tips

The cliches about avoiding the coronavirus, like washing your hands, just don’t address all the niche problems that come up. The article I Spent A Day In Coronavirus Awareness Mode. Epidemiologists, How Did I Do has info that I wanted to condense and summarize for my own benefit, and while I was doing that I thought I’d share.

Don’t be in close quarters with people, like eating at the salad bar, going to the movie theater and getting in a taxi or a rideshare.

If you have to be somewhere risky, like a hotel room where a person with coronavirus was staying, leave it empty for a few days. Coronavirus can live on surfaces for days.

Don’t bother breathing through a cloth, like your shirt, to protect yourself from airborne particles exhaled by others. An N95 respirator might work.

Don’t go to gathering places like the movies. Stay home or go out for a personal activity like a walk.

Instead of social transportation like rideshare or bus, bike or drive.

Wipe down high-touch surfaces like doorknobs and shared phones.

If you can’t avoid touching a shared object like a doorknob and you can’t wipe it down, touch it with a tissue or pen.

If you can’t wash your hands before eating, avoid touching the food. You could your muffin on the table and eat face-first, or you could find less silly methods like holding the packaging up to your mouth.

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