Telepresence Seesaw

I would like a telepresence device which lets people seesaw together over the Internet.

There would be two near-identical devices in different locations. They would be small, roughly the size of a hand. They would be connected to the Internet.

One side of both would be labeled A, the other would be labeled B. The actual labels don’t have to be A and B – they could be the names of two children, or pictures, or sculptures. The important thing is to be consistent on both devices.

One device would know it was A, the other would know it was B. The A device is active on A and passive on B. The B device is active on B and passive on A. On pressing down the active side, the corresponding passive side on the other device would mirror the motion.

The interaction would be strangely trivial and magical at the same time. It could feel sweet or spooky. You don’t even have to know who the other person is! The experience would be like a enchanted toy found in the back of a curio shop in a Twilight Zone episode.

This is a simplified version of my Hand-holding Telepresence Romance Bot idea.

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