clean netlabel highlights

The site Phlow-Magazine is a slick compilation of activity in the netlabel scene.

The netlabel subculture is growing a layer of editorial filters around the inner core of musicians (who came first) and publishers (who came second).

I wonder whether a bigger market would be reached by emphasizing or downplaying the idea of “netlabels.” Emphasizing it helps the site stay connected to a healthy existing community, but is a turnoff for people who don’t identify with that scene. And if not “netlabels”, what? Is there some other way of thinking about this music which is more intuitive?

When are the MP3 bloggers going to discover the netlabels? Why do they still draw on releases primarily intended for the offline market? Who reblogs Myspace, YouTube and blog bands? Or is this already happening and I just don’t read enough MP3 blogs to see it?