media apocalypse

Henry Blodget feels that television is so fucking fucked:

As with print-based media, Internet-based distribution generates only a tiny fraction of the revenue and profit that today’s incumbent cable, broadcast, and satellite distribution models do. As Internet-based distribution gains steam, therefore, most TV industry incumbents will no longer be able to support their existing cost structures.

Jerry Del Colliano feels that terrestrial radio is similarly doomed:

the last insult may not be the demise of the Evil Empire [Clear Channel] but the lure of purchasing radio stations at long last for favorable prices at a time in history when an entire generation is not available to be a growth engine.

I would buy a radio station not because it makes money or could make money again, but because it has a brand — a real strong brand – that could lead into a digital media platform.

For myself, I keep noticing how straightforward it would be to make dramatic improvements to the usability of cable television. Why not buckle down and do the work? My wild guess is there’s a clusterfuck going on among the owners, and the only thing they can agree on is to keep milking the cow until they can’t anymore.

And then what? What’s next? Where do all these dollars disappearing land?