a new generation of web music apps

I tried out Chompin yesterday. Really fun and inspiring. It’s a cousin of Shuffler.fm and Extension.fm.

Nearby older relations are Hype Machine, Elbo.ws, Yahoo Media Player, and the Webjay “Play this page” feature.

Some ways to talk about the zeitgeist:

  1. Keep music from the web in the web. Don’t go to a music blog, download a track, and then listen in iTunes. Keep bookmarks of tracks from the web together with the source where you found them. And don’t download at all, leave the files at their source HTTP URLs.
  2. Keep content and context together. When you play back a track from a music blog, go back to the blog.
  3. Make playlists of out music blog entries. As you play each song, open the source site. When the song is over move on to the next site.
  4. Web pages as digital music packaging. Opening a particular page gets you album art, rich metadata, liner notes, interactivity.