Today’s listening: a blog on Ad Age

My music for the past 20 minutes has been courtesy of an embedded player in the Songs for Soap blog at Advertising Age. The music is courtesy of Adult Swim’s “Ghostly Swim” compilation featuring unreleased tracks from indie label Ghostly International and sponsored by Toyota. That’s five brands even before you get to the musicians, and nobody involved in the project is a major label.

See also the home page for the project, where you can also download a zip file with all the songs together, aka an album in digital packaging.

2 thoughts on “Today’s listening: a blog on Ad Age

  1. Very stoked to read this today. The article describing the characters involved is interesting.

    As I see it:
    Label (music creator)-Ghostly
    the “bank” and distributor (ie. OG label of sorts) – Adult Swim, Turner Broadcasting

  2. Or maybe the film business is a good metaphor.

    Theater: Toyota
    Producer: Adult Swim / Turner
    Director: Ghostly
    Actors: musicians

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