$100 MM in streaming revenues for UMG

Greg Sandoval says “Universal Music seeing ‘tens of millions’ from YouTube”:

a music industry source close to the label said Universal will likely book nearly $100 million in revenue from video streaming this year. That figure includes video-streaming money from all of the company’s partners, such as iMeem, MTV, and MySpace. The source said, however, that most of the cash comes from YouTube.

Let’s say Amazon is $40MM to UMG, And it’s 1/10th the size of iTunes music store revenues. That means UMG earns $400MM from iTunes. This would put streaming revenues at 1/4 the size of pay-per-download.

That’s big enough to be a come-from-behind story.

Unfortunately this data is very low quality. All you can really get from it is that it’s still plausible for streaming revenues to become equal to unit sales over the next 5-10 years.

Note that this puts YouTube at about 2.5 times the size of Amazon as a revenue source.

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