musician’s cheat sheets

Over in my blog for music making I have posted a cheat sheet for playing a song, as well as notes on the making of the cheat sheet.

If you play music you’ve been bit on the ass again and again by crummy cheat sheets. They’re in the wrong key, so everybody has to transpose in their head and the song turns into a trainwreck. The font is too small, so you can’t read in dim stage lighting. The title is wrong or hard to parse, so you can’t find the piece of paper. The bar lines are uneven or the arrangement is hard to understand, so you lose your place. Etc.

As a point of jargon, I’m not saying “chop sheet” because that usually means just the chords, and I’m not saying “lead sheet” because that usually means just the melody.

The cheet sheet is at Notes about it are at

If you feel like hacking around, you could give feedback on the visible layout, or on the HTML/CSS layer. You could try to use the cheat sheet and see how it works for you. You could correct my transcription. You could adapt the same template to some other song and then write up your experience. Or you could share your own unrelated cheat sheets.

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