Celebrated Polka

Horace Weston's Celebrated Polka (title)

Go digging for music by the 19th century banjo star Horace Weston and you’ll won’t find much. He was more of a player than a composer, I guess. Fortunately this 1880 compilation of banjo tunes:

The J. E. Brewster Banjoist.

On page 18:

Horace Weston's Celebrated Polka (18)

Had this sheet music:

Horace Weston's Celebrated Polka (sheet music)

I don’t have a banjo, and if I did I still couldn’t play this on it. What I do have is a parlor guitar from more or less the same time period and an hour or so a day for practicing the damn thing until I get it right. So I did this video:

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